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B i o g r a p h y

     U-Pang Band was formed in 2012 when a former restaurant server was discovered in a bar with his guitar stuck underneath his bar stool on a Sunday night. By chance, a popular musician came into the empty bar and asked to play the Server's guitar. Hours passed and the Musician asked the Server where he played his shows. The Server replied that he played on the the front porch of the bar for his friends and around bonfires . The Musician with a puzzled look said, "I thought you were a musician?" The server replied that he waited on tables and strummed sometimes on friday night for tips so he could buy a tank of gas to get home 45 minutes away.  The Musician invited the Server to his home and gave him a Powered Mixer and 2 speakers and said, "Buy a good microphone and mic stand." The server went out and put together a group of friends that together are called the "U-Pang Band"

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